Serverless functions offer a ton of benefits but unfortunately make some things much harder too. Ratelimiting is one of these things as it requires some persistent state to coordinate different limits.

Unkey’s ratelimit API provides a global low latency solution to limit your functions and protect upstream services.

Get your API key


Go to the dashboard


Enter a name

You can give your key a name to make it easier to find later, but that’s optional.


Add permissions

Your key needs at least these permissions:

  • create_namespace
  • limit

After selecting both permissions, click Create New Key at the bottom of the page and copy the generated key to your .env file. For security reasons, this key can not be shown again. In case you lose it, you need to create a new one.

Ratelimit your functions

We’re currently only offering a Typescript SDK but you can check out the api reference and do the network call manually if you are using another language. Also please let us know what language you’re using, so we can prioritize adding support for it.

Please follow the @unkey/ratelimit documentation for setup and configuration options.