Audit Logs are now generally available

Automatically track every event in your Unkey workspace.

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Dom Eccleston

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Audit Logs

Earlier this year, we introduced audit logs as a beta feature in the Unkey dashboard, meaning that they were an opt-in feature for beta testers. They're now generally available to all customers.

Navigating to the audit logs page in the Unkey dashboard, you'll see a live feed of all of the events that have occured in your Unkey workspace, from all your customers.

For example, if you invited a new teammate to your workspace and they proceeded to create a new key, verify it, and add ratelimiting to their account, you'll see that in the audit logs - along with location and timestamp.

This feature is primarily geared towards our larger customers: several software regulations - for instance, GDPR and SOCII - require audit logging. So this feature unlocks the ability to use Unkey for our compliance-conscious-customers!

There are two other primary reasons why audit logs are important:

  • Security: logging user actions helps to prevent and mitigate security breaches
  • Debugging: having a historical record of events in your workspace can be useful for time-travel debugging, just like your git history is

Audit Logs are available to all customers with a 30-day retention period. If you'd like to access audit logs for longer, you can upgrade to Pro via the dashboard. The Pro tier comes with a 90-day retention period for audit logs.

If you need an audit log retention period longer than 90 days, you can contact us to discuss your needs.

See our documentation for how to get started.

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