Unkey Toolbox: Your gateway to creating performant APIs

A brand new CLI that makes it easier than ever to create APIs

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James Perkins

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Introducing the Unkey toolbox, an opinionated set of tools designed to streamline creating new APIs. The toolbox comes packed with features that allow you to create performant and secure APIs with high quality documentation.

CLI example

The toolbox offers a variety of technologies we believe are essential for creating APIs, including:

Of course the toolbox also includes Unkey in a variety of ways, including keys, ratelimiting and caching.

Getting Started with the Unkey Toolbox

Getting started with the Unkey Toolbox is easy! Just use npx @unkey/create-api from your terminal and follow the CLI prompts. Once you run the CLI you’ll have a fully functioning API with a variety of endpoints and documentation.

The only thing left to do is sign up for an Unkey account and an Turso account and follow the instructions from the CLI to get your API up and running.

What’s next for the toolbox?

We want to add more features to the toolbox including new database providers, billing integrations and of course more endpoint examples. Our toolbox is open source just like the rest of Unkey so you can drive what gets built or contribute yourself.

Check out the repository to request features and how all the code works.

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